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Around 1951, the American Frank L. Fraser installed the Dominican Fruit and Steamship Company in Azua and built a dock for the export of bananas harvested in said province. The Port of Azua was established in 1951 by the Standard Fruit Company for the export of bananas, and officially opened eight years later (1959) with the aim of exporting the sisal produced in the region.


After the end of the dictatorship (1962), the port fell into disrepair. Some years later - during the government of President Salvador Jorge Blanco - the liquefied petroleum gas company Opuvisa settled on the left wing of the so-called old port; This company installed large storage tanks and built a terminal to receive fuel. The right side of the port continued to carry out occasional loading and unloading operations of general merchandise, such as clinker (the main component of portland cement) from China, Colombia and Turkey for the company Cementos Colón.

Another user of this port is the company Cementos Santo Domingo, whose operations are focused on the production and commercialization of type I Portland cement, and is located in Hatillo, at kilometer 31 of the Baní-Azua highway. Clinker, gypsum and limestone have been handled through the Old Port of Azua for years. Currently the port is publicly owned and managed by Apordom.

It has some services concessioned to the private sector, which include two leased terminals: one to the Monte Río Electric Company and the other to the Mundo Gas company (LPG importer). Container cargo does not arrive at this port, and its operations have decreased significantly in recent years.

Operation. Loading and unloading
Vessel reception: freighter, bulk carrier, tanker, tugboat, barge.

Leading:  N/A

Beaconing: 8 Buoys: 4 green, 4 red

Lighthouse:  N/A

Inlet channel depth:  11 meters (36 feet)

Dock depth:  11 meters (36 feet)

Docks:  2

Spring length: 198 meters (649 feet)

Depth range: 8 to 11 meters (26.2 to 36 feet)

Tidal variation:  0.6 meters (2 feet)

Circle of maneuvers:  330 meters (1082.8 feet)

Port operations: Export: General Cargo

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