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Caucedo is the most modern port in the country and one of the most modern ports in the Caribbean and Central America. It is specialized in containers, and it is a port of international redistribution, with an area of influence that covers the entire Caribbean region due to its strategic location on the north-south maritime routes, connecting North America with the east coast of South America. , and the east-west routes, connecting the Pacific (far east) with Europe and the Mediterranean.


It is the youngest port in the country, and arose from various studies carried out on Dominican ports, which suggested the construction of a port that would compete with the others in the region. The conditions of the ports that are formed at the mouths of the rivers (as is the case of the majority of Dominicans) do not allow extensions to respond to the demands of foreign trade. The current trend in the Caribbean has been for new ports to be installed on the coast, in order to have the longitudinal capacity necessary to accommodate larger vessels and future expansions, as well as waters with good depth that do not need periodic maintenance dredging.


The project was conceived and promoted by businessmen Jaak E. Rannik, Samuel A. Conde and Manuel Enrique Távares, and became a reality with the arrival of the first ship, the CMA CGM Colombie, in December 2003. The port is operated by the company Dubai Ports World (DP World), who is also a shareholder of the same.


Built at a cost in excess of $ 300 million, it raised capital from around the world: Scotiabank, France's Coface, Germany's DEG, the World Bank's International Finance Corporation and the Dutch credit agency, Gerlin NCM. It is the only port in the country built with exclusively private capital.


The first phase of Puerto Caucedo has a 600 m and 13.5 m deep dock and is capable of receiving Post-Panamax ships. The terminal has 50 hectares of operational area with capacity to store 40,000 TEUs and already has 5 gantry cranes, 2 mobile cranes and 20 rubber tire gantries (RTG).


Regarding container handling, Caucedo is one of the best strategically located ports-nodes in the region, which makes it the hub of the Caribbean. In addition, it has a multipurpose dock to serve RoRo-type ships, has the international airport only 3 kilometers away, and has warehouses adjacent to the dock under the free zone regime, all this within an updated security regime and in accordance with the regulations. needs of the modern shipping industry.


DP World Caucedo has recently completed the construction of phase 2 of the facilities, consisting of an additional 300 meters of docks. With this, the port will increase its container handling capacity by 25%. These docks have a 12.5 m (41 ft) draft, 2 new high performance mobile cranes complemented by 6 modern yard cranes (RTG) and other ancillary equipment.

Leading:  335º

Beaconing: 3 Buoys: 2 red, 1 white (landfall)

Spring length: 654.1 meters (2,145.9 feet)

Depth range:  12.1 to 14.8 meters (39.7 to 48.5 feet)

Lighthouse:  N/A

Inlet channel depth:  18 meters (59 feet)

Dock depth:  15 meters (49.2 feet)

Docks:  05

Tidal variation:  0.6 meters (2 feet)

Circle of maneuvers:  320 meters (149.8 feet)

Port operations:  Container handling

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