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The Port of Manzanillo, in the northern Bay of Montecristi, is the largest in the country. It was built in the 1940s after an agreement between the Dominican State and the Grenada Company (Dominican Fruit and Steamship Company), and began operating in May 1946 with a first shipment of bananas and other minor fruits on board the small boats Jamaroy and Christiane.


The environment of the bay and its lands always aroused interest and was the subject of projects of various kinds: planting and exporting of fruit varieties, urban planning for housing, transshipment port, tourist development and free zones, none of which has been satisfactorily completed. till the date.

Its operations are based on discharges of clinker (raw material for the manufacture of cement), and export products include banana, mainly to Europe and England, as well as other fruits such as melon, lemon, banana, mango and the dry coconut, in smaller quantity, towards Spain, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Canada and France. The sand and gravel go mainly to Providenciales, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Saint Thomas and Martinique.

Currently the port has two terminals, the commercial dock and the tourist terminal. The commercial dock, for its part, is dedicated to the export of sugar, general cargo, containerized cargo and fuel transportation.

This port has a promising future, as export costs are reduced due to its location in the northwest region and its proximity to farmland.

Operation. Export: Refrigerated containers (bananas and minor fruits).


Import: General cargo and loose cargo (clinkler and mineral coal).

Leading:  N/A

Spring length: 227.7 meters (747 feet)

Beaconing: N/A

Lighthouse:  Metal tower
Red flashlight. Flashes 1 on / 2 off

Inlet channel depth:  16 meters (52.5 feet)

Dock depth:  Dock depth

Docks:  02

Depth range: From 8.8 meters to 12.6 meters
(28.8 to 41.3 feet)

Tidal variation:  0.75 meters 

Circle of maneuvers:  600 meters (1968.6 feet)

Port operations: Export: Bananas and minor fruits

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