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Puerto Plata

It is one of the oldest and most important in the country. This natural port is public property managed by Apordom with some terminals leased to three electricity companies and another port terminal leased to a silo operator.

Puerto Plata is the third most important port in the country, and its operations are based on the handling of containers, general cargo, bulk cargo, fuels and handling of tourist cruises.


The port has two operating docks. The so-called "old dock", which was located at the foot of the Punta de San Felipe cliff, was built in 1918 and was used to export and import cargo from the entire Cibao.

Likewise, it was used as a tourist terminal for cruise ship use and for fuel unloading operations; Its infrastructure was affected by the earthquake of September 22, 2003 and is currently out of service for cargo and tourism operations.

The “new dock” was inaugurated in July 1974, has a length of 289 meters and a width of 45 meters and is currently used as a commercial port, where container ships, general cargo and tankers (fuel) can simultaneously dock.

The city of Puerto Plata is famous for its tourist centers, such as Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada, located to the east of the city. Also to the east of the city, about 15 kilometers and near the town of La Unión, is the Gregorio Luperón international airport, built in 1971 and with the capacity to receive wide-cabin aircraft, including Boeing 747 and Airbus A340; This airport is the second in the country in receiving tourists.

Operation: Loading and unloading: fuel, containers, general cargo, tourist ships.

Leading:  202º

Beaconing: 5 buoys: 2 green, 2 red, 1 landfall

Lighthouse:  Yellow steel tower
Period 6s: Flash 2s,
Concealment 4 s
Elevation: 137 feet
Range: 18 nautical miles

Inlet channel depth:  12 meters (39.4 feet)

Spring length: New Pier: 291.3 meters (955 feet)
Old Pier: 152.8 meters (501 feet)

Depth range: 5 to 9.1 meters (16.4 to 29.8 feet)

Tidal variation:  0.6 meters (2 feet)

Circle of maneuvers:  400 meters (1312.8 feet)

Port operations: Export: Bananas and minor fruits

Dock depth:  10.5 meters (34.4 feet)

Docks:  02

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