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Puerto Duarte

The Port of Duarte is located in Samaná, Arroyo Barril, and is public property managed by Apordom; It was conceived as a free port for the collection, storage and commercialization of merchandise of all kinds and free of taxes, and inaugurated in 1977. During the eighties and nineties it was used for the export of pineapple by the Dole Fruit Company.


This port operates in an anchorage for tourist boats adjacent to Cayo Levantado, under the supervision of the administrator of Puerto Duarte. In the 2010/2011 cruise season, more than one hundred ships were received, exceeding the sum of 200,000 tourists, who enjoyed the nature and beauty of the Bay of Samaná.

Leading:  218º

Beaconing: 20 Buoys: 6 markers,
5 green, 9 red

Lighthouse:  Enfilation Tower:
Green-white-red sector lantern
Input channel depth
11.6 meters (38 feet)

Inlet channel depth:  10.8 meters (35.5 feet)

Spring length: 230 meters (754 feet)

Depth range: 9.5 to 10.2 meters (31 to 33.5 feet)

Tidal variation:  0.75 meters (2.5 feet)

Circle of maneuvers:  450 meters (1,476.6 feet)

Port operations: N/A

Dock depth:  10.8 meters (35.5 feet)

Docks:  N/A

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